The Benefits of Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics and its Benefits

Forensic experts are capitalizing on the complex digital growth of the world as it becomes increasingly mobile, as fingerprints are being replaced by digital fingerprints in rapid succession. Mobile users leave breadcrumbs in their wake every time they access the internet, the cloud, or internal applications. Digital forensics and mobile forensics investigators can gather valuable information for data recovery by accessing this data tactfully. In order to help crack the case, IT forensics can be used in the following ways:

  • Phone Logs

As part of an investigation, finding out personal connections is crucial. Digital investigators have access to the database of previous calls, contact lists, and text messages on a phone in order to do this. In this way, they are able to weave together a web of interconnected connections, bringing them one step closer to the truth.

  • Web History

Further, specific web addresses provide unique insight into how and what users gather information. An IT forensics expert assembles a comprehensive picture of how a phone is used by combining search histories, online transactions, and social media.

  • GPS Locations

The location of a device at a specific moment in the past is difficult to pinpoint via cell tower data, however network forensics experts can use location pings and cell tower data to get a rough picture.

You can contact Powerhouse Forensics today to determine if mobile forensics is relevant to your case or if your mobile device can be recovered.

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Powerhouse Forensics

Powerhouse Forensics follows the trail and deciphers the information regardless of whether the evidence is digital, such as electronically stored information found on computers, mobile phones, or other devices, or if the investigation requires traditional private investigative services. Powerhouse Forensics has access to industry-leading private investigator tools and techniques, including surveillance, undercover work, and detailed record searches.
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