Forensic Imaging

Forensic Imaging Services

A critical step in e-investigation is the imaging or creation of an exact replica of a physical crime scene. Whereas a physical crime scene would be photographed to collect evidence and leads, an electronic device is imaged, and a complete copy of the data is acquired for examination by a computer forensics expert.

Understanding the discovery process is a core skill of the digital forensics experts at Powerhouse Forensics. Our computer forensics experts are licensed by the state of Texas and certified in all of the latest forensics tools. Powerhouse Forensic experts ensure that the data is extracted in a forensically sound matter that preserves data integrity.

Our technicians extract ESI on laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, external drives, and other electronic media. The digital forensics specialists at Powerhouse Forensics not only retrieve hidden or encrypted data but also document every point of electronic discovery in the process. The information is compiled into a clear and concise report. Our investigators have served as expert witnesses in courtrooms all across Texas.

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